Our Goal is to Help Young Minds GROW Stronger and EMPOWER them through Stories that will:

• Inspire Their Imagination

• Develop Their Moral Compass

• Set Positive Examples Both Visually and Verbally

• Prepare Them for Life’s Challenges

Parents Are Raving!

Meet Our Team

Sarah Beliza Tucker Founder & Creative Director & Author

Sarah Beliza Tucker has been working in Children’s Media for almost 30 years.

Starting as a Fox Kids Club actress and producer, she learned to hold the attention of children through media since her teens. She moved on to theater, animation, and video game production.

She is dedicated to producing media that does more than entertain but also instills life lessons all children need to succeed.

Her company, Ocean Aire Productions, has been helping the martial arts industry teach character development worldwide since 2006! She is a co-owner of a martial arts school with her husband, where she has been teaching and developing Character Education Programs for children for over 20 years.

Sarah created Harry the Red-Headed Lizard as a creative writing assignment in the ninth grade, and he has been with her ever since, evolving into what he is today. All the characters and mentors in her stories are based on the children, teachers, and parents she has worked with over the past 20 years.

Sarah brings a sense of realism within the fantasy world, she gives young children a safe place to learn life skills and problem-solving by connecting them with characters that they can relate to.

Adam Ihle Illustrator

Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer, Artist, Father. These 5 words do a good job of describing Adam Ihle. Drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil, Adam’s professional career has spanned from working in television and film, the toy industry, theme parks, animation and illustration. A self described geek, Adam enjoys allowing his love of science fiction animation and comics to influence his art, some of which can be seen in the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This NYC born, adopted Floridian feels his greatest achievements are his children who share his love of art and all things geeky.

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