Our Mission

Is to empower young minds and give them the tools they need to reach their full potential. We work with parents, teachers, counselors, and other educators to provide stories and activities that encourage children to dream big, strive for success, and be resilient in the face of life’s challenges. With our help, children can grow into strong individuals, who are confident in their abilities and have bright futures.

Our Approach

The Adventure of Harry and Friends provides children a unique way to explore their imaginations, discover their inner moral compass, and create positive habits that will last a lifetime. With stories and activities designed to foster problem-solving skills, build self-confidence, cope with difficult emotions and feelings, and prepare for life’s challenges, we help young minds grow into their full potential. We are dedicated to helping today’s children become tomorrow’s leaders.

Meet the Creator & Illustrator of
The Award-Winning Children's Book Series
The Adventures Of Harry and Friends

Author Sarah Beliza Tucker

Sarah Beliza Tucker has worked in Children’s Media for nearly three decades. After starting as an actress and producer for Fox Kids Club, she developed an understanding of how to capture the attention of children through media. She transitioned into theater, animation, and video game production and is now dedicated to creating media that entertains and teaches children valuable life lessons. 

Her company, Ocean Aire Productions, has been helping the martial arts industry promote character development globally since 2006. Together with her husband, they own a martial arts school where Sarah has taught and crafted Character Education Programs tailored to children over the last two decades. 

Sarah’s inspiration for Harry the Red-Headed Lizard came from a ninth-grade creative writing assignment that she completed. Since then, he has become a beloved character in her stories populated by other characters derived from real people Sarah encountered in her career – teachers, parents, and students alike. 

By merging elements of fantasy and reality in her works, she helps young minds learn essential life skills while developing problem-solving abilities.

Illustrator Adam Ihle

Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer, Artist, and Father. These five words do a good job of describing Adam Ihle. Drawing since he was old enough to pick up a pencil, Adam’s professional career has spanned from working in television and film, the toy industry, theme parks, animation, and illustration. 

A self-described geek, Adam enjoys allowing his love of science fiction animation and comics to influence his art, some of which can be seen in the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. 

This NYC born, adopted Floridian feels his greatest achievements are his children, who share his love of art and all things geeky.

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