Ringo Weasel wants to be the best at everything. But when things don’t go his way, he gets angry…very…VERY…ANGRY!
This little weasel is used to getting what he wants. So when his plan to dominate in every sport fails, his ego is crushed, he has the ultimate meltdown, and he wants to quit!
Instead of ignoring Ringo’s cries of envy, his friends and mentor help him see another path to achieving his goals.
Will Ringo quit or persevere to be the winner he dreams of being?

“I Quit!” is a must-have anger management book for children, parents, teachers, and counselors:
◆ Help your child find healthier ways of dealing with big emotions.
◆ Help your child reach a positive outcome when dealing with disappointment.
◆ Help your child understand the importance of self-regulation strategies; all children must learn to overcome life’s challenges.

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