Ringo is confident, proud, and mischievous. His true colors come out when he doesn’t get his way. His only ambition is to be the center of attention, no matter the cost. He isn’t shy about using his money to buy friendship and loyalty instead of earning it in a healthy manner. In moments of stress or doubt, Ringo gets loud and vents his frustrations on others – particularly on Curly, whom he loves to mess with and agitate. While he could be athletic, Ringo rarely has the discipline or motivation to participate in activities unless he knows he will win – then his competitive spirit takes over.

Despite his flaws, Ringo still has a good heart deep down. He understands when he has hurt people or made mistakes and genuinely regrets them. Despite acting indifferent to rejections or hardships because of fear, those closest to him understand that Ringo needs guidance in learning self-discipline and respect if he wants to reach his full potential as an individual.