Ringo is happy, proud and a little mischievous. His true colors come out when he doesn’t get his way. His only ambition is to be the center of attention. Ringo isn’t humble, and tends to buy his friends instead of earning them. He gets loud when he is nervous, and also likes to reflect, ‘trouble’ onto others especially, when he is to blame. Ringo can be a little two faced, the sweet son who can do no wrong, and a bully to his peers. Ringo could be athletic, but when it comes down to playing any type of game, he is lazy unless he knows he can win, and then he will become competitive. Even though Ringo has a lot of flaws, he still has a good heart and in the end, he sees the error in his actions or words. Deep down he is scared of rejections, so, he acts as if he doesn’t care. But everyone knows the truth … Ringo needs to learn self-discipline, and respect.

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