Sarah Beliza Tucker

Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author, Sarah Beliza Tucker, is a Character Education/Life Skills Specialist who focuses on helping young minds grow stronger.

She created the “Black Belt Principles” character education program in the early 2000s in which martial arts schools and coaches worldwide license to teach their students to-this-day. Along with this program, she has produced animations, books, and games, all geared to teaching children family values, ethics, morals, and how to make good choices.

Sarah Beliza Tucker has been working in Children’s media for almost 30 years.

Starting as a Fox Kids Club, on-air personality, age 14-18, she quickly moved from an on-screen talent into producing.

After her time at Fox, Sarah toured Canada and part of the US with a theater company for two years, producing, performing, and teaching. By the end of her tour, she had produced and performed in hundreds of venues.

After her tour, she met her now-husband of 22 years. Together they have owned a Successful Martial Art School for the last 24 years, teaching thousands of students, which had inspired her Seven best-selling children’s books.