Alexandra Antipa

Amazon Review – ‘What Should Harry Do?’ – A great book about the value of honesty!

A great book about the value of honesty and making the right choice. This is book number 7 in “The Adventures of Harry and Friends” series, with Harry, a red-headed lizard, as the main character. All of the books in the series have an educational value, teaching kids to overcome anxiety, build self-confidence and be respectful towards others.

Harry is already a famous character, and I was happy to come across this new book presenting his latest adventures. My daughter, a naughty Nelly, absolutely loved this story! Harry breaks his mom’s favorite vase, struggling to decide what he should do – make up a story or tell the truth. We can see him weighing out the consequences, opting in the end for honesty.

This is the kind of book that parents can use to strike up a conversation on making good choices. As parents, it is up to decide in which way we approach the matter, and I think books can be quite helpful. I loved the creative way the author presented the story, which is so relatable to little ones and their everyday lives. The fun illustrations, of course, added to the delight of the reading experience.

My little one was thoroughly entertained upon seeing Harry’s toys come to life, and she became rather serious when she saw how they tried to influence his decisions. She then tried to repeat the same scenario, telling me that it is always best, to tell the truth rather than make up a ridiculous story to stay out of trouble. I also took the opportunity to explain to my daughter everyone mistakes, not just kids. Adults struggle to make the right choice and I think honesty is always the best policy.

This is a wonderful book! I loved the fact that the author kept asking the reader what should Harry do; kids prefer interactive books and becoming involved in the stories they are reading. The story helped my daughter understand honesty is always the way to go. Well done!