Meeting people can be scary. Will Harry overcome his jitters in a brand-new town? Harry, the red-headed lizard, is worried about his family’s upcoming move. Leaving his pals behind in Capital City, he’s a bundle of nerves as they pull into the driveway of their new home. And when he meets the kids from the neighborhood, Harry is scared no one will like him.
But when they invite him to the park, Harry faces his fears and decides to join in. And after one playmate turns out to be a not-so-nice pal, this shy fella is afraid that moving to Sunshine City was a big mistake.

Will Harry learn to be himself and make wonderful friends?

The Day I Met My Best Friend is the first story in the inspiring The Adventures of Harry & Friends children’s picture book series, based on the award-winning Harry & Friends Black Belt Principles Character Education Program. If you or your child like imaginative characters, beautiful illustrations, and setting positive examples, then you’ll love Sarah Beliza Tucker’s confidence-building tale.