Andrea F. Harkins

The Adventures of Harry & Friends brings back the books of yesteryear.  Parents and their children can snuggle together somewhere comfortable in the dusk of evening, or any time, and explore these delightful childhood adventures.     

Harry is a charming character who makes friends and learns martial arts. His spunky and happy nature is brought to life through stories and life lessons that reflect martial art tenets such as respect, perseverance, and courtesy. His good nature and interactions with his family, friends and his lively inner superhero propel this bright and delightful character into the hearts of all who read these books.   

As a mom of a homeschool family and a martial art instructor of children for more than twenty years, I wish I had these books to share and explore with my own children and martial art students years ago!

Bio: Andrea F. Harkins, a/k/a The Martial Arts Woman, is an author of books, a magazine columnist, blogger, and podcaster who motivates thousands of friends, fans, and followers who are inspired by her poignant and positive views on martial arts and life. Her books, The Martial Arts Woman and Martial Art Inspirations for Everyone are available on Amazon.