Jacklyn Gion

As a Student, I have had the great pleasure in witnessing Harry the Lizard grow into a colorful and lively character who has long earned his place in the hearts  of families who want to instill in their children the greatest principles in life. I vividly remember being a young kid, watching Sarah complete the first sketches of Harry. Over the years, he gained friends, storylines, and animation. To hold these books in my hands, I know I hold decades of work, inspiration, and education. Harry is not only a fun character to read; he pulls his readers into his story and makes them deliberate and consider along the way. Harry and his friends are not interested in just entertainment; they are here to educate and help children become good people.

As a teacher, I truly believe there is no greater lesson than  character development. To know that other children will hear those empowering and significant words fills me with hope and pride.

As a Mom, the most wonderful part of holding Harry’s books is getting to share him with my three-year old daughter. I read to her all three of Harry’s current books, and she sat and listened intently without loosing attention, a rarity with longer books. More than that, she later recalled certain parts of Harry’s story and mentioned them to me, like the monkey bars or the martial arts itself. More importantly, she will learn the significant lessons I gained from my own Martial Arts Training: perseverance, discipline, respect, and so much more. Now I do not have to wait to share this education with her. Harry and his friends get to start that conversation in my household right now.” …Jacklyn Gion – Program Coordinator- Masters in Fine Arts (Creative Writing) Stetson University